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Day 1: Tabuk

Start your Journey with us from Wadi Rum or Aqaba and cross the Border to Saudi Arabia by Taxi/private car.

Tabuk is located in north-western Saudi Arabia, Tabuk boasts ancient archaeological sites and is the setting for the story of the Prophet Moses, who lived nearby for a decade. Marking the beginning of Saudi Arabia's Red Sea coast, Tabuk's charming seaside towns offer clear waters and unspoilt beaches.You can purchase your Visa for Saudi Arabia online.

From the Jordanian Border it's a ca. 3 hrs drive.

Stay in a beautiful 3 Star Hotel in Tabuk overnight.

You have time to explore the city on your own. We will have time also on Day 4.

Day 2: Alula

After breakfast, it's time to start your adventure. We are heading towards ALULA.

Set in the AlUla Valley amid the soaring sandstone and granite mountains of north-western Saudi Arabia's Hijaz region, this ancient desert oasis has supported human life for the past 200,000 years. The area's fertile soil and access to water amid the arid, mountainous desert helped multiple civilisations blossom. The Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms that flourished here between 800 and 100 BCE were followed by Hegra, an important city in the Nabataean civilisation whose capital, Petra, was located farther north, in modern-day Jordan. 

Today we have far more to explore: Hegra in Alula

Countless well-preserved tombs are featured from the first century BCE to the first century AD, Hegra is waiting for you.

Reach back into the past and encounter AlUla’s ancient cultures and learn about how people lived. Observe expertly carved stone blocks – or betyls – that acted as representations of the gods. Away from Hegra’s captivating tombs, this ancient Nabataean city also boasts examples of ancient engineering and craftsmanship such as wells and stone-lined water channels. Defensive walls, gates and towers that once encircled the city show the Roman influence at Hegra.

Check-In and Lunch in the Camp


In the afternoon we visit the famous Elephant Rock and reach a beautiful spot to watch the Sunset over Alula.

Dinner in the camp

You stay in a Beautiful Desert Camp, 4 Stars in De Luxe Glamping tents with private bathroom or in a Caravan with private bathroom.

Day 3: Alula


Today we have far more to explore:

We will do a hiking tour (Duartion aroun 2-2,5 hrs) to explore Dadan & Jabal Ikmah 

Explore theses ancient cities where you can examine tombs, excavation sites, and thousands of early Arabic inscriptions.

The first stop on this journey back in time is Dadan, the ancient Kingdom of the Lihyanite and Dadanite civilisations. Next, a coach bus takes you on a 10-minute drive to Jabal Ikmah. Set in a stunning desert canyon, this ‘open-air library’ has the most impressive collection of inscriptions, rock art, and petroglyphs in AlUla and is the largest of its kind in Saudi Arabia.


Lost treasures of Arabia

One of the most important discoveries at AlUla – and one which made the world’s archaeological community sit up and take note – was unearthing the ancient city of Dadan. Once the capital of the Dadan and Lihyan kingdoms more than 2,000 years ago, this breathtaking stone city is home to famous tombs that were neatly and skilfully cut into the red rock cliff faces.

We explore the architectural wonder: Maraya. Upon approaching this magnificent mirrored structure in AlUla’s Ashar Valley you may feel your eyes are deceiving you as Maraya seems to disappear into the surrounding sandstone cliffs before swiftly reappearing. A multi-purpose venue for concerts, events and conferences, Maraya — meaning ‘mirror’ in Arabic — is the largest mirrored building in the world and is a piece of art in itself.


A delicious Lunch awaits you in the mountains.

After Lunch we visit the Hijaz Railway station at AlUla is located in Wadi AlQura, a famous ancient valley. Since then, AlUla has been a famous place to explore, travel and immerse yourself in history and heritage. Human civilisation began to settle in AlUla due to its important location on the bustling Hajj and trade route. The Al-Ula region was inhabited by many ancient civilisations in the past, including the Dedanites and the Lihyanites, who left various archaeological remains.

The region was inhabited by several ancient civilisations in the past, including the Dedanites and Lihyanites, who left behind inscriptions and archaeological remains. The importance of AlUla is not limited to the past. Today, AlUla is better known for its rich archaeological discoveries and cultural initiatives. In recent years, many activities have shown that the Archaeological Department has renewed its focus on preserving and exhibiting the aesthetic, historical and archaeological treasures of AlUla. Great emphasis has been placed on preserving the historical trade routes, which have been well maintained for Hajj and Umrah pilgrims who wish to see ancient Arab remains with forts, watchtowers and water sources.

Al-Ula railway station stands out among the other 32 stations of the Hijaz Railway and is known as one of the key stations of the Hijaz. In 1326 AH (1907 AD), the chiefs of AlUla warmly welcomed the first train to arrive at the Hijaz station. The Hijaz railway station had a railway system that entered from the north-west of Saudi Arabia from Turkey and Syria. Pilgrims from these countries used to travel to Hajj and Umrah via this route. Traces of the old station can be found and the Archaeological Department is working to preserve the historical remains. The last station of the Hijaz Railway was Madinah. Today, a high speed train runs between Makkah and Madinah, transporting pilgrims in just 2 hours.

We will reach a Desert Castle and watch the Sunset from a nice view over Alula: Al Harrar

In the evening we visit the old Town of Alula.

Overnight in the camp.


Day 4: Tabuk

After Breakfast we head back to Tabuk, where we stay another night. 

Transfer back to Jordan by taxi or organise your flights from there.

Day 5: Good Bye!


Transfer back to Jordan by taxi/mini Van or private car.


Head back tzo Jordan with us.


The alternative: You continue your Travel in Saudi Arabia and reach us on Day 1 in Tabuk.

5 Day Journey Saudi Arabia

4 nights | 5 Days   

Explore the Nabatean Sites in Alula


We start our Arabian Adventure in Tabuk. 

The charm of the Desert draws us to Al Ula and the legendary rock tombs of Hegra - Madain Salih. The Nabataeans were a trading people on the Arabian Peninsula whose heyday was between the third century BC and the first century AD. Their centre was the world-famous Petra, which is listed as one of the new seven wonders of the world. The kingdom's wealth was based on the trade in spices and, above all, spiritually used resins such as frankincense and myrrh, which were supplied from the Orient to the Mediterranean region.

You can cross the Border from Jordan (Aqaba) by Taxi, organised by us or reach us in Tabuk. In Saudi Arabia you have many possibilities to take domestic flights from Riyhad and Jeddah. During the High Season there are international flights to Alula as well. Book one of our packages or contact us for a personal offer.


You can book this package additional tour your trip in Jordan or Join us in Tabuk.

Bookable any time

Tabuk & Alula 


crossing the border from Aqaba/Wadi Rum in Jordan

What's included

- - Transfers during as per Prorgramme AC Bus, Mini Van or Taxi with driver



Double | Twin with private Rooms/Tents or Caravan with private bathroom


Alula: 4 Star Camp, 2 nights

Tabuk: 3 Star Hotel, 2 Nights




Day 1: none

Day 2: Breakfast, Lunch  & Dinner

Day 3: Breakfast &  Lunch 

Day 4: Breakfast

Water during tours, 1 Bottle per person, per day
° Jeep Tour  with private guide

Light Trekking and climbing during the desert tours

1 Trekking Tour

° Airfare Flight Tickets, Taxi from the Airport to the Hotel at arrival Day, Taxi from Hotel to Airport departure Day

° Domestic Flights

° Visa Fees & Entrance Fees 

° personal expenses
° all Transfers which are not included in the package
° private Insurances
° extra activities 
° extra nights 

° Tips

Please note, that program might change according to weather conditions & Group Size

What's NOT included