Past Life & Meditation Retreat


Mini ONLINE Retreat via ZOOM


📌Transformational Retreat

📌Angel Chakra Clearing (Meditation)

📌Violet Flame Session & Inner Child Healing

📌Karma Healing

📌Past Life Regression

📌Trauma Healing





What we will release during this 2-Day Online Retreat:


- How to connect to our past
- How to recover memories from a previous life in order to help us in our current one
-  How to unlock trauma, in order to explain anxiety and a disease we are living with today
- How to improve relationships and Life Situations as we go to the source of the conflict or pattern
- How to heal child hood trauma and work with the inner child
-  How to Connect with the source and heal DNA
- How to Heal the Karmic wheel
- How you can connect with your Early childhood memories & past LiVES

Past Life Meditation with Angels
Ancestor Healing & connecting with the Higher Self



For who is this Retreat?

Regressions are suitable for curious people who show a deep spiritual interest and want to find out where the origin of their life circumstances, problems and also illnesses lie. We know it: a person seems familiar to us, we have the feeling to know this person inside out, although we have only met him. With deep soul connections it can even happen that you receive a message and suddenly follow your inner voice, although you might normally be a totally rational person. The same applies to places and countries, cultures and religions or faith communities for example. Some people during a regression remember their name or the name of people they dealt with in a past life, eras, streets, life circumstances and are amazed when they even find this information on the net. Of course, we have not all been prominent people in world history - but sometimes we have. Likewise, we can return to our mother's uterus and experience every feeling and important event that we thought we couldn't. In this way, we can get to the bottom of things and heal. These things are also used in a different form in psychotherapy and help to dissolve primal fears, stuck structures and belief pattern

Programm Day 1:
Saturday: 10:00 am - ca. 1:00 pm
We will get to know each other (if you don't want to introduce yourself to the other atendees its fine!)
I will give a overview to the program . We will have time for short breaks during the sessions. 

Q & A (you are able to send us questions before via email), we also have the possibility to chat during the Retreat and share about our experiences during the Retreat.

Angel Chakra Meditation
In this powerful Meditation, we will cleanse our 7 Main chakras with the help of  the Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Chamuel, Metatron and Zadkiel. We will invite powerful Light Beings and start healing on all levels: menatally, emotionally and spiritually. With this Angel Healing Sessions we will release old stucked energies from our System and equally ask for support and guidance from the Angels.

Violet Flame & Inner Child Healing Session
After the powerful cleansing we will have a short break only and continue with a Violet flame Mediation and Inner Child Healing Session.
(duration ca. 3 hours)

You will have time to integrate and can send me messages personally afterward. We will talk about our experiences the next day.

Sunday: 10:00 am - ca. 1:00 pm:
Sharing Circle 
What happened during our Sessions the day before? What happend after?

Q & A

Past Life Group Session
This is a powerful technique to heal on actual topics. There is no knowledge about Past Life Regression Therapy needed.
I will give you a brief overview about the Session. You have the opportunity to share your experience afterwards onlne via mail or in the sharing circle directly after the group session
(Duration ca. 3 hours)
How do I prepare?
Make sure you don't get dirsturbed for at least 3 hours!
Prepare a spot where you can sit comfortable and where you can lay down. 
Take a sleeping mask or scarf in order to cover your eyes

We will invite you to a Zoom meeting online: 1 click on your smart phone or lap top
Check the Time Zone before! Our workshops take place at CET/CEST: Berlin, Rome, Paris time