What's included?


8 Days | 7 nights

Desert Breathe

circle of life Retreat

breathwork & Yoga | 11.-18. November 2023

Tour itinerary & programme

Breathwork is trendy right now, but it’s not new. People have been practicing breathwork for thousands of years, and it has roots in yoga practice. The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in

Where we sleep

Wadi Rum Bedouin Yoga Camp

(7 nights) Traditional Bedouin Tents "Glamping Style"

with shared Bathroom

Please note that our Programme is exemplary and might change due to Weather Conditions or other causes

- Yoga Sessions & Meditations

- Rebirth Breathwork Session

- Breathwork Exercises

- Breathwork Meditation

- Introduction & Theory to the different Breathwork techniques

- Sound Healing

- active Osho Meditation

- Shamanic Breathwork

- Meditation & Trekking Walks

- Desert Dance

- Angel Breathe Healing

- Day Trip to Petra

- Beach Day at the Red Sea

- Accommodation & delcious meals (vegetarian & regular food)

* Better sleep

* Reduction of PTSD (POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME) and feelings of trauma

* Stronger respiratory function

* Better immune system

* Release of stress hormones from your body

* Fewer feelings of depression and anxiety

* Better mental focus

* Decrease in addictive behaviors

* Allowing emotional scars to heal

* Better outlook on life

* Contentment and joy


‌Breathwork may also have a positive impact on your central nervous system. When you feel stressed, your breath tends to become fast and shallow. This limits the oxygen entering your bloodstream. Your brain tells your body that there is a threat, and your body responds in fight or flight.


When you take time to slow down and purposefully breathe deeply and slowly, you tell your brain that everything is OK. Your brain communicates to your body that it’s safe to relax. The fight or flight response decreases, and your body can begin to function normally again.


Breathing is the most important thing, because without the first breath after our birth, our lungs cannot develop strongly and no oxygen can reach our brain or all our organs and cells! Equally important is our last breath with which - so it is said - our soul leaves our bodies to be born again.

All through our ability to breathe, we can heal ourselves - and even more: we can establish contact with our Higher Self and with the Divine Source. "Out of body" experiences are not rare phenomena reported after a Breathwork session.
We have the opportunity to have life-extending experiences, to heal on all levels, and to gain profound spiritual insights.

During this 8-day retreat we will dive into the depths of our soul to bring old patterns, entanglements and energies to the surface and let them go. In a protected environment in the heart of the Jordanian desert Wadi Rum we can live through all emotions and feelings and let them out: Grief, anger, disappointment, loss, joy, love and happiness. We dissolve karmic structures and connections that no longer serve us. Thus we reach other spheres, can go further and heal karma for generations. We will practice different techniques of breathwork as well as Breathing exercises & Meditations.

Enjoy a spiritual Holiday with daily Breathwork Exercises.


Benefits of breathwork:

Connect with the Divine &
get your answers from the Source

Breathwork does not have only a deep impact of our physical & menatl wellbeing, but is also a deep spiritual practice to strengthen your connection with the divine. It is therefore very important to exercise with experienced teachers as we are. This is as well the reason why we offer trainings and sessions only in person. With clients we treated already personally, we do offer 1:1 sessions online if necessary to guide you and help you to get into the right energy and to protect you.

What you get
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