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This is the real Bedouin Adventure! Join us for a Trekking Journey on the new Wadi Rum Trail

 Enjoy the nature by camping & Trekking! Sleep under the stars or in tents. You just bring your day Pack and we bring the rest. Our bedouin guides cook for you and will guide you through the most beautiful places in the Desert


Enjoy the Sunrise in the morning with a delicious cup of Bedouin Tea, smell the fire before heading to new adventures!

According to your Travel Plans you can enjoy 2-4 nights with our Team in the desert.


Spots to explore during our tours: (exemplary)

Khazali Canyon:

From the outside, this looks like an ordinary mountain, but when you enter the canyon between the split mountains, you take a journey back in time. You can see the traces of the merchants who traveled with their caravans from Egypt to Damascus, and of the pilgrims who passed through the canyon to Mecca. See the fascinating Thamudic, Nabatean, and Islamic inscriptions, and petroglyphs of humans, animals, and soles of feet when you enter the canyon. And a series of basins in the back. 


Red Sand Dune

This is the most famous sand dune in Wadi Rum! It owes its red color to a high concentration of iron oxide. It seems like a simple climb, but the sand is soft and difficult to walk on, which can make it challenging for tourists to climb, but very entertaining for the locals to watch. At the top you can enjoy amazing panoramic views of the valley. The best way to get down is running or sandboarding. 


Little Bridge

Through years of various severe weather influences, this natural Little Bridge has been formed on a rock formation in the Khor El Ajram area. It is called Little Bridge because it’s only a few meters high and easy to climb, but the views are stunning and on pictures it looks pretty big and impressive. It’s perfect for families with children, and those who don’t want to climb too high. When you come down again, a cup of sweet tea awaits you in the Bedouin tent where you can buy souvenirs or relax and hang out with locals. 


Umm Fruth Rock Bridge

This 15-meter-high bridge is the most famous bridge in Wadi Rum. It is not a historical place but it is the ultimate place to take enviable photos. Give your phone or camera to your guide who will stay on the ground and take an impressive photo of you on top of the bridge. The locals run up and down the bridge with ease, but for tourists it is a bit more challenging. That is why small holes have been made which makes the climb a bit easier. 


Abu Khashaba Canyon

Stretch your legs and enjoy a nice walk in this deep narrow valley, surrounded by tall mountain walls. There’s a lot of green, which makes a beautiful contrast with the red desert sand. You will see many different types of trees and plants, and hear countless birds chirping. The locals have hung bottles to collect the rainwater so that the birds can drink from it. It is a real oasis of peace. The walk takes 30 to 45 minutes, and your guide will pick you up on the other side. 


White Desert

Wadi Rum is known for the red sand where most of the highlights of the tour are, but further south the area changes into the white desert. It seems as if you have entered a completely different world. This area is not yet heavily visited by tourists, so there is much more flora to discover and a better chance to spot wildlife. It’s very special to stand in the white sand and see the transition to the red part in the distance. You can also notice a difference in the landscape, the rock formations and even the sand itself. 


Mushroom Rock

In Wadi Rum there are many famous rock formations, known for its unusual and sometimes even funny shape. The Musroom shaped rock owes its shape to years of erosion, with the lower part wearing out faster than the upper part. Mushroom Rock is fun place to take nice pictures and find some shelter. Bedouins used rock formations like this to seek shelter, after walking in the hot desert for hours.


Burdah Rock Bridge

At the top of Jabal Burdah, you will find one of the highest natural rock bridges in the world. During the jeep tour Soul Tribe make a stop close by so that you can admire the bridge from a distance. 

About the Lawrence's House
It plays an important role in the history of Wadi Rum. Nabateans laid the foundation for this place over 2000 years ago which was used as a stop for the passing caravans. Later it became known as Lawrence's house, because TE Lawrence, in the story "Lawrence of Arabia" was based here. When you reach the top after a short climb, you will be amazed by the countless piles of stones. In the past, the Bedouins used to stack stones as road markings. You can see far into the vast desert plain, which again makes for great photos. This spot is very close to our camp and a nice trekking tour.


About our Desert in the Jordan:

The Wadi Rum

a widely ramified, ochre-colored desert valley, from which mighty, rugged impregnable fortresses with "towers" and "arrows". The mountains consist of granite and gneiss, their domed, lighter-colored tops of sandstone. One of the most beautiful desert landscapes on earth lies before you!
%You set off to explore it and experience the splendid play of colors - the golden yellow or rusty brown, grey-blue, violet, or even fiery red in the evening light. You walk on the path of the first inhabitants of Wadi Rum and Thomas Edward, better known as Lawrence of Arabia, who stayed in Wadi Rum in 1917. As an advisor to the later Iraqi. King Feisal I, organized the Arab Revolt against the Turks (1916-18) and described this uprising in the report The Seven Pillars of Wisdom".
%You hike to the Khazali massif, in which there is a small hidden gorge with rock engravings. You continue to a natural stone bridge. If you want to visit, you can climb it effortlessly. You set up a wild camp for the night. You are surrounded by large and small, shimmering reddish stone mountains, shaped by wind and weather, rising from the sand.


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