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What will you learn?
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Are you ready to change your Life for the best?

What will you learn?

different Breathwork Styles as Holotropic Breathwork, shamanic breathwork, rebirth breathwork

Breathwork Meditations & Energy Healing combined with Braethwork

  theory about the different styles

Structure of a Breathwork Session

  choosing the right music for a Breathwork session

  different kinds of Trauma & Symptoms

the causes, which can lead to trauma

 what trauma is and what it evokes in the physical, emotional and mental

 Coaching and Counseling

Teacher Ethics, Morals & Rules

what Karma means and how we can release it

 how to lead a Breathwork session

about Forgiveness 

how to use spiritual protection

 how to hold the space during a session

Pros & cons of breathwork


Breathwork is trendy right now, but it’s not new. People have been practicing breathwork for thousands of years, and it has roots in yoga practice. The basic idea of breathwork is to release toxins and stress when you breathe out and nourish your mind and body when you breathe in.


Benefits of breathwork:

* Better sleep

* Reduction of PTSD and feelings of trauma

* Stronger respiratory function

* Better immune system

* Release of stress hormones from your body

* Fewer feelings of depression and anxiety

* Better mental focus

* Decrease in addictive behaviors

* Allowing emotional scars to heal

* Better outlook on life

* Contentment and joy

* Spiritual Growth & Wisdom


‌Breathwork may also have a positive impact on your central nervous system. When you feel stressed, your breath tends to become fast and shallow. This limits the oxygen entering your bloodstream. Your brain tells your body that there is a threat, and your body responds in fight or flight.


When you take time to slow down and purposefully breathe deeply and slowly, you tell your brain that everything is OK. Your brain communicates to your body that it’s safe to relax. The fight or flight response decreases, and your body can begin to function normally again.


Breathing is the most important thing, because without the first breath after our birth, our lungs cannot develop strongly and no oxygen can reach our brain or all our organs and cells! Equally important is our last breath with which - so it is said - our soul leaves our bodies to be born again.

All through our ability to breathe, we can heal ourselves - and even more: we can establish contact with our Higher Self and with the Divine Source. "Out of body" experiences are not rare phenomena reported after a Breathwork session.
We have the opportunity to have life-extending experiences, to heal on all levels, and to gain profound spiritual insights.


During this teacher training we will dive into the depths of our soul to bring old patterns, entanglements and energies to the surface and let them go.


For who is this Training?
Past Life Reegression Therapy

how to connect to our past

how to recover memories from a previous life in order to help us in our current one

 How to unlock trauma, in order to explain anxiety and a disease we are living with today

How to improve relationships and Life Situations as we go to the source of the conflict or pattern
How to heal child hood trauma and work with the inner child

 How to Connect with the source and heal DNA

how to Heal the genetic lines

How to Heal the Karmic wheel

theories of Past Life Regression

 how to take your clients back to early childhood memories & past Life

Reincarnation Theories in different cultures, Universal Source and the concept of time

accessing the universal Source Script (Akasha)

you will learn to lead 1:1 session & groups

Past Life Meditation with Angels

Ancestor Healing & connecting with the Higher Self


Regressions are suitable for curious people who show a deep spiritual interest and want to find out where the origin of their life circumstances, problems and also illnesses lie. We know it: a person seems familiar to us, we have the feeling to know this person inside out, although we have only met him. With deep soul connections it can even happen that you receive a message and suddenly follow your inner voice, although you might normally be a totally rational person. The same applies to places and countries, cultures and religions or faith communities for example. Some people during a regression remember their name or the name of people they dealt with in a past life, eras, streets, life circumstances and are amazed when they even find this information on the net. Of course, we have not all been prominent people in world history - but sometimes we have. Likewise, we can return to our mother's uterus and experience every feeling and important event that we thought we couldn't. In this way, we can get to the bottom of things and heal. These things are also used in a different form in psychotherapy and help to dissolve primal fears, stuck structures and belief patterns. 


You'll get professional support from a therapist who is specialized in sex ed, sexual abuse, and trauma. This will give you insight into how trauma occurs, what it can do to us in the body on all levels, and how spiritual practices can be used to support therapy. We would like to point out here that our training is therefore also suitable for therapists. However, our techniques do not replace a visit to the doctor, nor therapy. Non-therapists must point this out and also have the clients sign this before each treatment. Guidelines and requirements for training from an ethical and moral point of view will also be covered during training 


Important to know

- This training is for those interested in spirituality who want to deepen their knowledge and pass it on. 
- for therapists
- people who would like to treat themselves and take some time off 

No previous experience is necessary for the training, but you should be open to experience. The training is suitable for people of all faiths.




- spiritual interest, understanding or knowledge
- there should be no medical conditions that exclude Breathwork
- command of the English language (written & oral) 
- social competence
- drugs & alcohol are prohibited 
We reserve the right to exclude or reject students in case of disrespect or misconduct. Costs will not be refunded in this case. 

Our course is divided into the following modules:

Module 1:
-8-day practical training in Person (50 hrs)

Module 2: 
8-day practice training Past Life and Breathwork in Person (50 Hrs)


50 Hours Online Training

Module 3:

100 hours online Training

This Training Program can be booked also as a Retreat.

Theory will then not be part of your program.

Our training modules 

What you can do after Part 1

- You can guide 1:1 Breathwork 

Modul 1, Level 1 Teacher Training 

(50 Hours)

You begin your own healing. During the first Teacher Training, you will gain in-depth knowledge of breath science, psychology, working with the inner child, trauma healing, healing breathing patterns, and learning key breathing techniques. Included is are Past Life Regressions, to understand the impact of karma on our lives. Participation in all courses is a prerequisite for obtaining the Level 1 Certificate. as additional knowledge Upon successful completion of Level 1, participants will receive the Breathwork Specialist Certificate, confirming their active participation in the course. 


Modul 2, Teacher Training

(50 Hours)

In this module we focus on spiritual regressions. You will learn various methods to guide people back to previous lives or situations or even to look into the future. We deal with the effects of karma and learn energy work. The lessons include theory and practice. We will combine Energy Work with Breathwork.



Modul 3 , Teacher Training:

(100 Hours)

Practice, Practice, Practice! We strongly believe that a Certification is just the Beginning of your Journey as a Teacher!

This Modul can be booked after successfull Training of Modul 1 & 2.

You will lead Live Sessions (Breathwork & Past Life Regression, Meditations) under Super Vision. This part is online

We focus on learning how to lead individual, group and couple sessions, bodywork, holistic coaching, techniques for holding space, music composition and organizing breathwork workshops and retreats. You have the possibility to teach in our Retreat Center in Jordan under Super Vision or document Sessions via Video Recording & Documentation. You have to attend additional Theory Lessons online

How Your Day may Look like Modul 1 & 2

Why we do not offer the full course online

Offering courses and training online is a wonderful addition, but we want to get to know you first. We want to see if you are mature enough to teach others in this field as a teacher. We want to make sure that you follow all the rules, share our ethnic and moral principles, and can offer safety to your clients in the future. Last but not least, the energy between people is just super important to bring healing. Once you have successfully completed the first 100 hours, you will have the opportunity to complete another 100 hours online. (See modules) 

This is the best option actually to gain experience by leading a retreat under super vision. You will be part of a growing community and for us as Retreat organisers and teachers it is as well a win win situatiuon as we know you already and will provide the perfect experience for our clients. We offer you to stay for free for 1 week or longer if you like. In the future you might come back as a teacher to our retreats.



100 hours

Teacher Training Intense


Become a Breathwork Teacher Level 1 & Past Life Regression Coach

What's included?

Modul 1 & 2 in person training


Meet your Teachers

 If you are ready to give your life a completely new and positive turn, then our training is for you!

Whether you want to use your skills with clients after the training, or work on your spiritual practices, the course is designed to give you a deep insight into divine laws and psychological knowledge at the same time.


You will learn how to better deal with trauma and how to better support clients who have experienced traumatic Events. Besides the different Breathwork techniques, we also will train you in Past Life Regression Therapy and other spiritual sessions such as Shamanic Healing Journeys, Coaching or Angel Healing. Through the training you will initiate deep transformational processes that will change your view on your life so far, possible difficulties in relationships or areas of life.


The course is divided in 2 parts: Modul 1 (Breathwork Training) & Modul 2 (Past Life Regression) The Moduls can be booked seperately or together.


You will dive into the laws of karma and recognize your soul plan. Through the combination of Techniques and Spiritual Practices we can recognize and dissolve old structures and behavior patterns.

relationships will also change for the better in real life. We learn to forgive: first of all ourselves and understand, that we always do the best we can in the present moment


Self-awareness, self-confidence and confidence in the future are the goals to lead a happy and fulfilled life. Our team of trainers has many years of experience and the right qualifications that make this training also interesting for therapists who want to integrate other methods in their daily work.